Date Night – Part 2. {We Do Second Chances}

Our first jungle date night turned out to be somewhat less than romantic, but seeing as we’re stuck on this tropical island together (and we kind of like each other), we decided that the very next night would be all about second chances.  IMG_7770-copy-2
In the late afternoon, we hopped into our car (which thankfully is still in working order at this point), and headed off in a different direction to the place of the previous night’s adventure. This time we took a steep, windy road up towards a village called Sekongkang. Not far along this road we came to Yoyo’s hotel. We’d been to Yoyo’s once before in the dark for a work function, so we knew that the food was good but we had no idea just how spectacular the beach was here! We arrived just as the sun was sinking towards the ocean, and the light was changing from that warm golden yellow to beautiful shades of pink and orange.
IMG_3827 Barry had sprayed insect repellent onto his hairy legs, and didn’t want to add sand into the mix so he chose to watch from a distance as I went and had a solo date with the shoreline. I could have spent hours completely absorbed in admiring all of the stones, coral and shells that covered the beach, but I could sense Barry’s growing restlessness and I knew that my time was limited. I collected some stones and coral in my handbag, (much to his amusement) and then we went and ordered pizza at the restaurant. We sat beside the ocean watching the sun disappear, and then the lights of all the little fishing boats that filled the water without delay.  IMG_3751 We did get a bit disoriented as we attempted to leave Yoyo’s and make our way home (ok so we may have got lost in the carpark), but as far as date nights go – this one checked all the boxes. Now I know you’ve probably just scrolled straight to the pictures, (no offence taken) so I’m just gonna go right ahead and shhhh now. I think the photos can speak for themselves! Oh, wait just one more thing… Believe in second chances!  IMG_3842
IMG_3828 IMG_3807 IMG_3773 IMG_7785-copy IMG_3899-copy-2 IMG_3907-copy

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