A Sudden Departure

With tears welling in my eyes, today I said an unplanned goodbye to this ruggedly beautiful place that I’ve come to call ‘home’. Indefinitely. I also waved goodbye to my man, and as the seaplane bumped out of the harbour with only one of us onboard, the tears broke free from their safe confines behind my sunglasses and ran down my cheeks. I turned my head towards the window of the seaplane, and tried to pull myself together. So many mixed emotions. I’ve been looking forward to a trip back to Australia for weeks. Months even. We were planning to make one in July, it was supposed to be exciting – catching up with friends and family, and being reunited with our Buddy dog.

Unfortunately though, it’s very sad news from home that has brought about my sudden and unexpected departure from the jungle. I don’t have many words. It’s actually just over 24 hours since I booked my flights, and even if there was something to be excited about, I haven’t had time to build up any sort of anticipation whatsoever. So here I am right now, sitting at Bali International airport, waiting to check-in to my overnight flight back to Australia. The seaplane arrived here over 8 hours before my next flight, and now that I’ve had a moment to catch my breath, (and have many hours of similar moments to pass before my midnight flight), I thought I’d post a quick update. That’s about all I’ve got though, see you out the other side!                  

5 thoughts on “A Sudden Departure

  1. Hi Deanna,
    Thinking of you .. So sorry that you are leaving your beautiful location and Barry..
    You’re in my thoughts.. Always are!
    Warm regards,
    Big hugs ..
    Jo & family xx

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